Constantin Nita


Date of birth: November 27,1955;

1995 – 1999, PhD in Economy, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Iasi, (Specialization in Marketing).
1983 – 1984, Economist, specialization in foreign trade, post –graduate course on foreign trade;
1978 – 1983, Jurist, Faculty of Law, Iaşi;
1974 – 1978, Economist, Faculty of Economic Studies, Iaşi - Economics of Industry Department;
1969 – 1973, Theoretical High School no. 1 Paşcani, Iaşi County;

2000 - present, Member of the Chamber of Deputies;
December 2008- September 2009, Minister, Ministry of Small and Medium -Sized Enterprises, Trade and Business Environment;
1997 – 2000, Director of S.C. NIMPEX SRL Braşov, sector: trade and tourism;
1993 – 1997, Director General of the Valea Prahovei Representation and Protocol Department, field of activity: protocol and tourism;
1990 – 1993, Director of Pîrîul Rece Resort, Braşov, sector: tourism;
1986 – 1993, Head of B.T.T Braşov, sector: tourism;
1983 – 1986, Economist - I.C.E Braşov Car export – import, sector: foreign trade, trucks and spare parts;
1978 – 1983, Economist – Export and Distribution Director, Braşov Truck Plant;

Member of PSD as of April 1994;
Offices held in the party:
2005 – December 2006, Member of the PSD Executive Committee;
1998 – 2004, Member of the PSD Executive Bureau;
1997 –present, Member in the PSD National Council;
1997 – present, President of Braşov P.S.D County Organization;
1994 – 1997, Vice President of Brasov Municipal PDSR Organization;

President of “Brasov Economists Club” Association (CEB) - CEB edits the “Convorbiri economice”(Economic discussions) review; Founding member of ASCOT(Trade and Tourism Employees’ Association) Braşov, “Transilvania” Braşov Regional Foundation, the Foundation for political, administrative and civic education (FEPAC) Braşov, the “Pro Brasov” Association, the Association for the construction of the “Nasterea Domnului” Cathedral Brasov,

2008 –present, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Committee for Defence, Public Order and National Security;
2004 - 2007 – Vice President of the Special Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate for the exercise of parliamentary control over the Foreign Intelligence Service;
2004-2008, Vice leader of the PSD parliamentary group;
2003 – 2004, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies;
2000 – 2003, Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies;
2000 –present, Member of the Chamber of Deputies;

• Books, courses published by renowned publishing houses:
Niţă Constantin., Popescu Marius – Dictionary of marketing and business, Economic Publishing House 1999;
Constantin Nita, Marketing bases, Economic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004

• Specialty books, articles, studies;
Aurel Branza, Constantin Nita, Florin Luca, Marketing Audit, Ecran Magazin Publishing House, Brasov, 1999
Aurel Branza,Constantin Nita, Florin Luca, Industrial Marketing, Ecran Magazin Publishing House, Brasov, 1999
Ilie Nita, Constantin Nita, Romania's tourism market, Ecran Magazin Publishing, Brasov, 2000
Constantin Nita, Marius Popescu, Practical guide for business correspondence drafting methods, Brasov Phoenix Publishing House, 2005
Constantin Nita, Factors of production market, in the volume Ilie Nita, Political economy, Cerami Publishing House- Iasi, 1997
Constantin Nita, Tourism product - Complexity and specificity in the volume "The eleventh Conference of the Romanian Textile and Leather" Iasi , 1997
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Constantin Nita, Quantification of tourism market, Review of Economic Talks, No. 2 - 3, 2000
Constantin Nita, Romania's tourism market from a marketing perspective, Journal of business and economic information, Seviris Publishing House, Brasov, 2000
Constantin Nita, Guidelines for developing a national program to revive the Romanian tourism, Review of Economic Talks No. 23, 2002
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Ilie Nita, Constantin Nita, Quality of rural tourism product. Advantages and limitations, in the volume of Romanian rural tourism, PIM Publishing House, Iasi, 2003
Constantin Nita, Ilie Nita, Seasonality in rural tourism in the Romanian rural tourism volume, PIM Publishing House, Iasi, 2004

December 2004, National Order “Faithful Service" in rank of Knight, granted by the President of Romania;

Teaching activity:
• 2010 - present - Associate Professor - Transylvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Economic Sciences;
• 2005 - present - Professor Ph.D. - George Bariţiu University of Brasov;
• 2001 - 2005 – Reader - Faculty of Economic Sciences of the George Bariţiu University of Brasov;.
• 1998 - 2001 - Lecturer- Transylvania University of Brasov;

French – high proficiency
Russian – average proficiency
English –average proficiency