Doina Adriana Pană

• May, 16, 1957;

• 2008, Master in "Public administration in the context of current legislation", Faculty of Law, Universitatea de Vest "Vasile Goldis", Arad;
• 1981, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Bucharest,
• 1976, “Liviu Rebreanu” High School, Bistrita, intensive math department;
• 1972, Matei Secondary School, Bistrita – Nasaud County;

• 2007 - National Institute of Administration: Certificate "Project development and management";
• 2007 - ECDL Romania SA: ECDL Certificate;
• 2005 – 2006, ARFA: French Language Certificate
• 2005-FDSC: Certificate "Writing proposals for EU funding"
• 2003 – 2005, CNDIPT: Certificate PHARE training stages for teachers and managers;
• 1995, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca: didactical qualification: first level;
• 1992-Technical University of Cluj-Napoca: didactical qualification: second level;
• 1990-Polytechnical University of Bucharest: completion certificate in education

• 2004-AFI (Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) training sessions: "Empowering women in politics";
• 2005, Bucharest Winter School (NDI).

• June – July 2012: General School Inspector at ISJBN;
• 2009: Secretary of State for the Ministry of Education Research and Innovation;
• 2004: HR Inspector at ISJBN;
• 1983-present, (less periods mentioned above): Technical College "INFOEL" Bistrita
• 2002-present: Deputy Director
• 1992-2002: Head of Technical Department;
• 1983-2002: Teacher and form tutor;

Results (in brief):
• Teacher, first level of didactical qualification;
• Yearly: awards and / or references to the national stage of technical Olympiad;
• Initiator and / or participant in European school projects within Comenius 2 (Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Iceland, Turkey, France, Portugal, Czech Republic), ARFA (France) and Phare (rehabilitation of school workshops, school laboratories equipment endowment)
• Trainer for Bistrita –Nasaud County in "Quality Assurance in Education and professional training "-nomination through Order no.4889/09.08.06 MER (Addendum)
• President / Vice President at high school entrance and Baccalaureate examinations;
• President at post-high school and professional certification graduation exams: High school, Vocational schools; School of Arts and Crafts;
• 1981-1983: "Bistrita" Paper Mill, Prundu Bârgăului;
• 1982-1983: Head of Research & Design Unit;
• 1981-1982: Maintenance Engineer at Electrical Workshop;

• Offices, activity in a political party:
• PSD member since January 2004;
• 2010-present: Vice President of the PSD National Organization for Women (suspended on her own request, on grounds of incompatibility with the position of deputy director);
• 2010 - present: In charge of Bistrita – Nasaud PSD Bureau for the relation with trade unions, employers, civil society and NGOs;
• 2004 - present: President of Bistrita – Nasaud Women PSD Organization; (suspended on her own request, on grounds of incompatibility with the position of deputy director);
• 2004 - present: Vice President of PSD Bistrita - Nasaud County Organization(suspended on her own request, on grounds of incompatibility with the position of deputy director);

Offices, activity in an organization of central or local public administration:
• June 2012 –present: County Counselor, Bistrita –Nasaud County Council, specific activities;
• February 2009 – October 2009: Secretary of State in the MECI, specific activities;
• June 2004 - February 2009, County Counselor, Bistrita- Nasaud County Council, specific activities;

Former parliamentary activity, offices: -

• 2008: Diploma for Excellence "for the performance achieved in education and position of excellence held in the gallery of the Romanian school Olympics" - awarded by the Ministry of Education and Research;
• 2006: Diploma of Merit "for outstanding achievements in school management";
• 2005: "Gheorghe Lazar" Honor, second class - granted by the Bistrita-Nasaud County School Inspectorate;
• 1998: Diploma of Honor "for professional dedication and special activity in the service of school";

• Participant in the project "Territoires Europeens" (France)
• January- November 2005, PHARE Programme, Economic and Social Cohesion, Human Resources Development, Perseu code;