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PM Victor Ponta: The future of the others from food industry to which we may apply the same system of low VAT depends on the success and partnership between us, the Government and the baking industry producers

Statements by PM Victor Ponta at the National Conference of Millers and Bakers, organized with a view to launching the programme to cut VAT to 9 percent, on the wheat – flour- bread production chain 31.07.2013 [31.07.2013] details  

Statements by PM Victor Ponta at the beginning of the Executive meeting

Distinguished colleagues,
Good afternoon. I apologize for delay; it happens so when it comes to budget issue or rectification. There have been many discussions. I want to thank all who understood that these were the funds.
Also, during the past days, the very two Ministers, Vice Prime Minister,... 30.07.2013 [30.07.2013] details  

Prime Minister Victor Ponta will meet in Madrid with King Juan Carlos I of Spain and with Spanish Prime Minister

Press release on PM Victor Ponta’s visit to Spain 23.07.2013 [23.07.2013] details  

PM Victor Ponta: I felt friendship and respect for Romania, for the Romanian people and Romanians living and working in Spain

Statements by PM Victor Ponta on the meeting with the President of Madrid Community, Ignacio Gonzalez Gonzalez 22.07.2013 [22.07.2013] details  

PM Victor Ponta: Due to an extraordinary effort, things are set on the normal track; there starts the preparation for the enforcement of the law which we assumed

Statements by PM Victor Ponta after meeting the representatives of the management of the National Authority for Property Restitution 19.07.2013 [19.07.2013] details  

PM Victor Ponta: I would like to see that companies from Romania that are carrying out honestly their activity, are controlled once in three years, not once in three months

Address by PM Victor Ponta at the launch of the Romanian version of the 11th edition of the White Chart of the SMEs in Romania 18.07.2013 [18.07.2013] details