Legislative Process


The Government meetings are convened and are led by the Prime Minister.
The Government meets weekly or whenever necessary to debate domestic and foreign policy issues or aspects of general leadership of public administration.
The Government meeting’s agenda includes:
-draft legislative acts (draft laws, draft ordinances and decisions)
-notes, mandate notes
-information and other documents, depending on the needs and requests.
Government agenda is divided into two parts and may also contain additional lists, with the approval of the Prime Minister.


What legislative acts are adopted by the Government?
-The Government adopts decisions and ordinances. (Ordinances are simple and emergency ones);
-Decisions are issued to organize the laws enforcement;
-Ordinances are issued under a special enabling law, within the limits and conditions specified therein.


Which is the decision-making circuit?
The decision- making circuit of draft public policy documents and draft legislative acts is structured in two phases:
a) preparatory meeting of the Government meeting which ensures the coordination of the process of elaboration, consultation and approval for public policy documents and legislative acts at inter-ministerial level;
b) government meeting marking the end of decision-making process through the adoption / approval or rejection of such draft laws.