Liviu Voinea

Date of birth: June 26, 1975


• 1997, BA in economics, Faculty of International Economic Relations, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest,
• 1998, Master of Science in Business Administration, School of Business, Stockholm University;
• 1999, Postgraduate studies in Welfare Sociology, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology;
• 2000, Ph.D. in economics, Faculty of General Economics, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest;
• 1999, Management course, SCANIA (Sodertalje, Sweden);
• 2001, Course in project management, US Treasury and Ministry of Finance;
• 2002 -2003, New Europe College, postdoctoral scholarship;
• 2004, Joint Research Center JRC – IPTS, Seville, Spain – postdoctoral researcher;
• 2006, University of Essex, UK, Summer School in Data Analysis;

• 16 May 2012 – present, Secretary of State - Ministry of Public Finance;
• February 1, 2005 – present, Reader Ph.D. - National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA)
• October 1, 2009 – present, Associate Professor, Faculty of International Economic Relations - Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) Bucharest;
• April 2009 - December 19, 2012, Member of the Board of Directors of Eximbank (mandate ended on 30 September, 2012 and was renewed as of 1ST of January 2012, upon appointment as Secretary of State, 16 May 2012, there was approved in the Government meeting the Memorandum for maintaining Mr. Liviu Voinea, as State Secretary in the Ministry of Public Finance, as a non-executive member of the Board of the Eximbank SA; on 19 December 2012, I resigned from this position) - Export-Import Bank of Romania (Eximbank) SA;
• 2007 - 14 May 2012 (resignation) - Executive Director (no remuneration) - Group of Applied Economics Association - Scientific Research;
• 2009-2012, President in 2011, member of the Board (without remuneration) - European International Business Academy (EIBA), Brussels;
• 2004 - 7 May 2012, (withdrawal) - Administrator - Voinea Business Development Ltd - Business and management consultancy, scientific research;
• 2004, Postdoctoral researcher - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies - Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Seville, Spain;
• 2001 – 2004, Associate Professor - Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest;
• 2001 – 2004, Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and European Integration, Romanian-American University;
• 1999 – 2000, Associate Professor, Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest;
• 1999 – 2000, Business Consultant (April 1999-October 1999), National sales manager - Scania Romania;


• Cooordonator of the project "Think tanks Consultations on the Romanian-Bulgarian Cooperation in the context of European integration" - Duration: April 2000 - February 2001 - Institution: Romanian Center for Economic Policies, Institute for Market Economics (Sofia) - Financing: Open Society Foundation (Bucharest) - Partner in "Vertical restraints and technology transfers in Eastern Europe" Duration: May 2000 - January 2001 - Institution: Copenhagen Business School -Financing: PHARE ACE;
• Consultant in the project "Winners and Losers of EU integration”. The case of Romania ";Duration: October 2000 - January 2001 - Institution: Romanian Center for Economic Policies; Financing: Open Society Institute (Budapest) - Consultant in "Balance of payments financing in Romania. The role of foreign remittances”, Duration: January to May 2001 - Institution: Romanian Center for Economic Policies -Financing: USAID
• National coordinator of the project "Regionalism in South East Europe" - Duration: March 2001 - November 2001 - Institution: WIIW (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies) -Financing: World Bank
• Consultant in "Economic Consulting for the Office of the Prime Minister" Duration: July-November 2001 - Institution: Romanian Center for Economic Policies - Financing: PHARE;
• Expert in the "Early Warning Report" - Duration: March 2002 - March 2003 -Institution: Academic Society of Romania - financing: UNDP
• National coordinator of the "Global Competitiveness Report" - Duration: February to April 2002, February-April 2003 - Institution: Romanian Center for Economic Policies - Financing: World Economic Forum
• Coordinator of the project "Romanian traditional industries in the context of EU integration" - Duration: February to October 2002 -Institution: Academic Society of Romania - Financing: Open Society Foundation (Bucharest)
• Expert in the "capital account opening in Romania" - Duration: June to September 2002 - Institution: European Institute of Romania - Financing: PHARE
• National expert in project "Identification of barriers to FDI in South East Europe" - Duration: March to May 2003, Institution: Economic Policy Institute Belgrade - Financing: OECD
• National partner in the project "Measuring the Costs of Protection in the Southeast European Countries"; Duration: August 2003 - May 2004 - Institution: WIIW (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies); Financing: World Bank
• Coordinator of the project:” The competitiveness of the Romanian textiles and clothing industry
Duration: August 2003 - September 2003 Institution: Romanian Economics Society Financing: Federation of Employers in the Textiles and Clothing Industry
• Expert in the project: “How to adapt bankruptcy procedures in Romania to those in the EU”; Duration: November 2003 - April 2004; Institution: European Institute of Romania; Financing: Romanian Government;

• Expert in the project: “Romania: an assessment of the Lisbon scorecard; Duration: March-April 2004; Institution: The Group of Applied Economics, Romanian Economic Society; Financing: British Embassy and the Romanian Government;
• Expert in the project: ”Consulting for the Office of the Prime-Minister” Duration: February 2005 - November 2006; Institution: Romanian Centre for Economic Policies; Financing: PHARE
• Coordinator of the project: “Performance in the Lisbon Context: Does Institutional Design Matter?”; Duration: June- November 2005;Institution: European Institute of Romania; Financing: PHARE
• Coordinator of the project: “Determinants of Banking FDI in South East Europe”
Duration: June 2005 - March 2006 Institution: WIIW, Financing: GDN, World Bank
• National coordinator of the project: “Understanding the Relationship between Knowledge and Competitiveness in Enlarging European Union Duration: March 2006 - March 2008, Institution: International consortium led by Hale Institute; Financing: EU, FP6;
• Expert feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis - Duration: 2006 - Institution: GEA Strategy & Consulting (beneficiary: UBB Cluj) - Financing: IMPACT program funded by ANCS;
• Expert feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis - Duration: 2007-Institution: GEA Strategy & Consulting (beneficiary: UMF Cluj) - Financing: IMPACT program funded by ANCS
• Expert in the project "Gap analysis of SMEs' financing in Romania" - Duration: November 2006 - February 2007; Institution: GEA - Financing: European Investment Fund
• Coordinator of the project "Regional Competitiveness Analysis in line with Lisbon Agenda" - Duration: September 2006 - August 2007 - Institution: GEA - Financing: GOF (UK)
• Coordinator of the project "Flat tax impact on income distribution. The case of Romania "- Duration: June 2007 - June 2008 - Institution: GEA - Financing: WIIW (Vienna)
• Coordinator of the project "Who and how administrate pension money? CSSPP activity monitoring and protecting workers' rights to a minimum guaranteed return for pension contributions to pension pillar II "
Duration: December 2008 - September 2009 - Institution: GEA –Financing : PHARE 2006
• Coordinator of the project "Wage inequalities between public and private sector in Romania" - Duration: June 2009 - March 2011 - Institution: GEA - Sponsor: WIIW
• Coordinator of the project “Markets for executives and non-executives in Eastern Europe" - Duration: 2010-2012, Institution: New Europe College (in collaboration with University of St. Gallen) - Financing: Swiss National Science Foundation
• Coordinator of the project "Equal Employment and Workplace" -Duration: 2009-2011 - Institution: University of Bucharest - Financing: HRD SOP
• Coordinator of the project "Office for observing labor market" - Duration: 2010 - May 8, 2012 (Duration of withdrawal), Institution: NBS - Financing: HRD OSP


• Berlin, February 2012, Guest speaker to conference:“Which Europe do we want?”, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung şi Das Progressive Zentrum
• Bucharest, December 2011, EIBA Annual Conference (two works)
• Providence, New York, September 2011, Guest lecturer – Brown University, Watson Institute
• Washington, September 2011, IIF Annual Membership Meeting
• Roma, June 2011, Brainstorming on Romania - Aspen Institute Italy
• New Delhi, March 2011, IIF Annual Conference
• Porto, December 2010, EIBA Annual Conference (one work)
• Valencia, December 2009, EIBA Annual Conference (one work)
• Berlin, November 2009, presentation within the conference organized by the Southeast Europe Association and European Commission Delegation;
• Istanbul, October 2009, IIF (International Institute of Finance) Annual Membership Meeting
• Bruxelles, March 2008, European Commission, presentation of GEA study on EU budget reform;
• Paris, March 2008, OECD Global Forum on Investments, presentation of paper “Market concentration and innovation. Evidence from foreign affiliates in Central and Eastern Europe”
• Ljubljana, September 2007, Institute for Economic Research, FP6 workshop
• London, April 2007, King’s College, AIB-UK Annual Conference
• Brussels, April 2007, CEPS, GEA report presentation;
• Luxembourg, February 2007, GEA study presentation;
• Fribourg, December 2006, EIBA Annual Conference (one paper)
• Brighton, November 2006, Workshop in FP6 project
• Budapest, June 2006, Guest lecturer CEU
• Vienna, WIIW, May 2006, Workshop in GDN project;
• Manchester, Manchester Business School, April 2006, Association of International Business, UK Chapter, Annual Conference;
• Halle, March 2006, Workshop in a FP6 project;
• Budapest, April 2005, Institute for World Economy, Workshop on Financial Systems in Transition;
• Ljubljana, December 2004, EIBA Annual Conference
• Copenhagen, August 2004, Copenhagen Business School, Workshop on Transition Economies
• Copenhagen, December 2003, Copenhagen Business School, EIBA Annual Conference
• Dubrovnik, April 2003, EACES workshop on trade in South East Europe
• Zagreb, March 2003, Economic University, FDI in transition economies
• Bologna, June 2002, EACES Bi-annual conference
• Vienna, WIIW, November 2001, Regionalism in South East Europe


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• 2007, “Virgil Madgearu” Romanian Academy Award for economics;
• 2008, National Award for Excellence in Research, third place, for the socio-economic sector, granted by the National Authority of Scientific Research;