Theme: Friday, July 19, 2013

PM Victor Ponta: Due to an extraordinary effort, things are set on the normal track; there starts the preparation for the enforcement of the law which we assumed

I wanted to have this meeting with the leadership of the National Authority for Property Restitution to see – I have noticed with great pleasure that this is happening, to the extent we gradually manage to make order in the catastrophe called restitutions. I was reconfirmed the fact that Law 247/2005, probably that the it is the law that produced the greatest evil to Romania after 1989, thousands and ten of thousands and millions files, requests, frauds, bureaucracy, corruption, people wasting time with documents. Slowly, slowly, by an extraordinary effort, and I came to encourage them and thank those from ANRP, a bit of order is made in files, things are set on the normal track, there starts the preparation for the enforcement of the law on which we took responsibility. We may stop a part of old frauds, therefore, all support and I want to see and be constantly informed on the progress achieved.
I just wanted to provide you some data which colleagues here made me available. We have the Law 165/2013, the one pertaining to the regulation of property restitution. The application norms were adopted and there have been set up the commissions to inventory the lands. At central level, there take place constantly the meetings of the National Commission for Real Estate Compensation, and there have been already issued compensation decisions for 12 millions eight hundred thousands points. It is about final and irrevocable decisions, right? There are issued compensation titles, further on, on the basis of final and irrevocable judicial decisions, in which there was reestablished the amount of compensations and obviously, further on, the Agency of State Domains is to prepare the situation of lands for the point holders enter the procurement procedure. There are yet 80.000 files in solving. A great deal of them was solved, but they found 80.000 when they came here, in a form…thrown through archives. We also make efforts with those from ANRP and the Finance Ministry to find the taxation system for those who collected compensations in big sums, and paid so far no taxes. I very much appreciate the efforts of those who here – handful of people – who are fighting in various courts, litigations, with lawyers, assignees, with judicial legal executors who certainly have many other advantages and arguments on their side. But I want that by my presence here to draw attention to the fact that although the phenomenon, after the law passing, restrained very much, there are still situations that I do not hide to define as large-scale fraud on public money. We have an example in practice, and I agreed with the ANRP President's proposal, to notify the Superior Council of Magistracy and DNA, for a case - and I will ask him to submit all documents.
It is heirs of a land of Adanalchioi, I hope I'm not wrong. Adanalchioi land was assessed at about 40 million EUR, I suspect that Adanalchioi is not on the Côte d'Azur, but it was assessed by the court, the evaluator, to be worth 40 million EUR. It is important that we are in trial, we have court term in November, I think, but law enforcer - obviously, this is about a assignee, do not believe they are the heirs themselves, just a little, for the rest it is an assignee, the enforcer, I do not know on what criterion, although it is very clearly stipulated by law and decision too, that when the decision remains final and irrevocable, on February 2013, they applied for enforcement at the District 1, it was rejected, in March, they introduced the same application at District 1, it was rejected too, in February, at District 2, rejected, District 2 Court, in March – District 2 Court, in March too, District 2 Court, and after having tried with five judges, he found the good judge. The District 3 Court admits, although the decision is not final and irrevocable, they admit the application, agrees with the ANRP forced execution, therefore of the Romanian state, for the judge Viorela Isabela Ferentz, district 3, we will notify the CSM, the Justice Minister will notify the Legal Inspection and we the DNA. She put us in the situation to give 40 millions EUR to an assignee who does not have a legal decision, 40 hectares in Adanalchioi.

Is that piece of land assessed?

Victor Ponta
No, an evaluation is undergoing. According to the judicial decision of the Court of Appeal, I will ask for it to provide you all the documents, there is very clearly said that in 30 days since the irrevocable character of the decision. There is not such thing because we are not yet in litigation. For this reason, five courts refuted the forced execution of the state application, the six court, considered that she ought to give 40 millions to legal enforcer and assignees. I want through this action, to draw the attention on the fact, that I repeat, that although these situations reduced significantly, I would say after the law passage, there are still fraud schemes of public money on these criteria, and I very much want that all state institutions, what pertains to Government and ANRP, we do, but here it is about DNA, CSM, Legal Inspection, to check such situations and to help to the fair law enforcement. I want to give this case as example for us not to remain passive at what is happening too much in the last years and what we hoped, would not repeat once with law passage. Something escaped somewhere. Five judges, of course, have done their duty and rejected these claims, the sixth was more sensitive to the demand for 40 million and I think that the law should be applied to absolutely everyone and such situations should be outlined, and legal action should be taken. I will ask the new President to give you copies of these documents ...
Editor: Who is ...?
Victor Ponta: Who is that?
Editor: Who is the beneficiary there?
Victor Ponta: There are some people out there.
Editor: How do you comment / ... /?
Victor Ponta: Now wait a minute! I think we have more important things than Lăzăroiu. What is important, speaking of this situation is to have a fair and transparent system of restitution, to stop fraud, stop abuses, such as the one which I reported now, and to have in the following years, finally resolution of a situation that dragged on for a long time, give compensation for ... By the way, it seems that this land was expropriated by the king, not communists, but we ...
Editor: / ... /?
Victor Ponta: Yes, it probably has historical value. We give back to the days of the king, in the Quadrilateral, Bessarabia, what Mongols, Turks, Tatars, everyone else took, but at least we give to whom deserves, even to all middlemen and all those who have networks, even in connection to the court in this regard.
The second subject is extremely important - and you're right - I talked to Minister Vosganian who, if the case, will go to the Jiu Valley, I spoke with Minister Nita. Together the two ministers have a mandate to find a solution on taking over coal from the three mines. Also on Wednesday, I considered that for greater consistency, including mine closing company which is now at Minister Vosganian to pass to the Department of Energy, to have consistency between those who produce and those who consume coal.
The reality is, at this point, that the Hunedoara Energy Complex stocks are full, there was no consumption, remember that I issued that Executive Decision whereby I tried to back the Hunedoara Energy Complex; I was very criticized back then, now, all those criticize me now for not taking the coal. But I have the responsibility to make the decisions – and I hope that today, my message for miners is to tell them to do whatever is humanly possible, we want dialogue, to find medium and long term solutions because otherwise, if we solve for one day, two, and over a week, it is the same, it is useless to try to have more coherence and a very clear responsible for this situation.

They want to talk to you.

Victor Ponta
It is normal but the best is to find the solution with the Minister in charge of it. I am not and I do not want to be the one who does all in this country. This is why there are Ministers, Managing Directors, and my political decision was to urge the two Ministers to find coherent solutions and obviously to approve on the Executive meeting, on Wednesday, everything which is of the Government level.

Do you comment now the statements of Mr. Lazaroiu who tells that you boast with the capture of Mr. Hayssam?

Victor Ponta: I did not flaunt in any way, because I have no merit. I said who's merits is, one. Two, you did not hear me talking about catching Mr. Hayssam.
Editor: he said he heard you this morning making statements.

Victor Ponta: I never made any statement. I answered ... I really do not give a damn on Lăzăroiu. I'm talking about institutions that were involved in the decisions taken by the government and we congratulate those who deserve congratulations. If you want, I repeat: SRI, SIE, Ministry of Defence - I do not believe Lăzăroiu brought Hayssam, but the Ministry of Defense - Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior. They are the ones that worked on it.
Editor: / ... / has been brought although there is no agreement.
Victor Ponta: I cannot give you ... I checked and it is my fault - we have an agreement approved the day after the investiture of the Government, on 8 May 2012. I apologize, a colleague of yours, journalist informed me meantime, I thank him for that.
Editor: It is true that you would have to do to bring it to the public notice, and President Basescu went ahead to gain image capital?
Victor Ponta: No, absolutely not. What image capital is this? No, no way, I did not have to make any announcement. This is why I did not do it.
Editor: Who should have done it?
Victor Ponta
I do not know. Who wants. Lăzăroiu.
Editor: Speaking of restitutions, what happens to the local authorities that have requests for restitutions, documents, but they do not have what to restitute, because over time some have been given land, they did not have papers ...
Victor Ponta: We enter the system stipulated by law, with points. If it is the owners, they get everything, whether it is the assignees, they receive 15%.
Editor: And those who received land without being entitled? What happens to them?
Victor Ponta: Here I do not want anyone to accuse me again violating judicial independence. If a judge gave one a village in Arad, there are two options: either I say "this is the decision of Justice" and, obviously, and alike you, I consider it an unjust decision, or I do not know, I infringe the Constitution and pass over decision. Unfortunately, all cases you are talking about are based on final and irrevocable decisions and the Government cannot change the final and irrevocable decisions, even if I agree with you that is unfair and illegal.
Editor: VAT on bread ultimately reduces even if IMF and the European Commission disagree?
Victor Ponta: It is a discussion with our partners. We make the decision on the 30 rectification.
Editor: When do you receive the delegation?
Victor Ponta: But I have met with the IMF delegation.
Editor: At the Government?
Victor Ponta: Not just at the government, I have further met and we will meet again. They work with us. Otherwise, certainly, they see everyone, it is very well that they meet with the president, and the governor, but they work with us every day. And the end of the visit is July 31. On the 30th, I will have a final meeting, with members of the Commission Delegation, IMF, WB. They are working every day with us, they meet the others normally.