Theme: Friday, July 12, 2013

PM Victor Ponta: France and Romania will be together in the European Union, in EU foreign policy, and economic cooperation

Address by PM Victor Ponta at the ceremony organized by the French Embassy

PM Victor Ponta: Mr. Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen Ministers, Ambassador, ladies and gentlemen, for me, it is a great honor to be here today, with French Prime Minister to celebrate the National Day of France.

I always thought that France is our biggest sister, nearer country of Romania, and now after two-day visit of the French Prime Minister, we can speak not only of a strategic partnership, but of a friendship, brotherhood, common projects, a common future for France and Romania.
At the same time, I believe that Romania had a lot to learn from France. There are differences, the 200 years between your and our Revolution. Now, I hope that the difference was reduced. I am very optimistic about the future. I think France and Romania will be together in the European Union, in the European Union's foreign policy, economic cooperation – there is much talk now about the economic cooperation, surely, I think it is very important. We must not forget our cultural relationship or other links between France and Romania regarding education and we still have much to discover. Yesterday, I had the honor, along with French Prime Minister to attend the inauguration of the new building of the French High School here in Bucharest. I am very proud that Bucharest, former little Paris, has now a French high school, but I remind that this high school named Anna de Noailles, a French personality of Romanian origin, still little known here in Romania, was a princess of the Brâncoveanu family. Next year we will celebrate 300 years since one of the heroes of Romanian history, ruler Brâncoveanu and his four sons were killed.
As I said, more needs to be learned and discovered, many things to do in our relationship. But today, I can say that we are satisfied with the course of our relationship and I am very proud of this. And again today, two days before the anniversary, allow me to say "Long live France!", "Long live Romania!"