Programme for Government 2013-2016

 This program comes at a historic moment and is based on cooperation of several political forces in order to achieve a Strong Romania. The solution we back is to strengthen state institutions, to bring prosperity, fairness and common sense. A strong Romania aims to support the economic recovery and the middle class, it means social justice and support for Romanians affected by the crisis, fair and just institutions, a strong state with a chance in the world that is changing before our eyes.

Development of this programme for Government has taken into account a number of factors which create the premises for Romania's development over the next four years. It is about the difficult economic situation in the European Union – our most important trading partner - about people’s expectations and the definitely expressed vote on December 9, about commitments that Romania has taken to the EU and NATO partners, as well as economic and social reality of the country. All these require a responsible approach of the governance to serve the immediate interests of citizens, but also medium and long term objectives of the Romanian society.

Objective assessment of the economic and social reality of the country shows that Romania is currently on track of sustainable development, while still facing the effects of a poorly managed economic crisis in 2012. Thus, some of the injustices committed by PDL governments have been redressed, tackling social imbalances has been directly targeted in the past seven months, the Government has become more concerned with the real problems of population and the economic environment has received favorable signals from the Government. However, the years when the austerity policy was the only implemented took their toll, and correction of all errors from 2009 until the spring of 2012 requires sustained and long term action.

In this context, the Government aims at continuing the good things started in the last seven months. The central objective is to achieve a sustainable balance between fiscal consolidation and economic recovery, between the economic and social, between the need for a strong state and reduction in the wastage of public money. To this end, we will promote a coherent set of macroeconomic policies meant to back the business environment, to recover the investment attractiveness of Romania, to lead the creation of new jobs and provide a favorable evolution of the living standards of the population.

Government programme reflected while harmonizing a set of principles underlying the European governance: macroeconomic prudence and fiscal – budget responsibility, observance of the individuals’ right to decent, well paid jobs, equal opportunities and protection against the injustice and discrimination, countering poverty through job creation and equal opportunities for the rural area people, principle of flexicurity which ensures the convergence among labor legislation, active employment policies and social welfare of a flexible labor force; the principle of bridging gaps separating Romania from the EU advanced states, including through taking over the European solutions; the principle of protecting and encouraging the family which means access to decent housing, quality education and healthcare, modern infrastructure and communications, healthy environment, leisure time.

         This Programme for Government is the expression of an outlook on Romania’s future as strong state, and will be supported by a national average and long term development strategy. It does not limit itself to sector objectives and measures, but it comprises a project of society meant to restore the community spirit, to strengthen solidarity and to put the state institutions on new contractual bases. We aim therefore at a good governance to restore the Romanians’ hope, dignity and the pride to live in their country.

         To strengthen state institutions, to boost their functional efficiency and restore the relation with citizens, it is essential for the institutional system to enter with priority in a reconfiguration process. The revision of the Constitution is a step which cannot be postponed. The aim of Constitution revision consists in (re)gaining the trust of citizens in state institutions through guaranteeing a predictable and stable conduct of institutionalized power. The stake of this step consists in strengthening the Romanian democracy. The fundamental law should have to clarify the responsibilities and relations between the main public authorities and very importantly, to achieve the integrative function. Reporting to Constitution and its values should become the binding element uniting the Romanian citizens within the state. The electoral legislation cannot miss from the process of rethinking the institutional architecture. The harmonization of the legislative acts in the field and their integration in the Electoral Code, expression of a consensual approach at the level of political class and the consultation with the civil society is one of the major objectives of the Government. It is important that the electoral law generates predictability regarding the party system, securing a unitary competition framework for the political parties.

         The principle of balance between the fiscal consolidation policies, backing the economic environment and the imperative of social protection and solidarity is one of the Government Programme fundamentals. The Romanian society further needs a governance to follow the social European model which proved it is close to people, that it may introduce more social justice and that it can provide evolution towards durable development.

         Other principle underlying the current Programme for Government is that of respect towards the Opposition. The Romanian political system needs a cohesive and active Opposition, with which the Government can engage in dialogue when making major decisions for society. Romania cannot go on in conflict and discord. A responsible governance promotes the dialogue, construction and stability.

         The dialogue with Opposition will also be doubled by social dialogue. Transparency and openness towards social partners and consulting civil society represent constancies of the Government act. They will secure a solid basis for backing the Government’s initiatives and measures, strengthening its commitment to observe the principles of good governance: transparency, responsibility and citizen participation.

         Leaving from few principles which I backed in the last 7 months too, but also during the electoral campaign, the 2013 -2016 governance will start building a strong Romania, which would mean prosperity, welfare and fairness.


         • We observe the rule of law and individual rights, as set out in the Constitution. Governance is the promoter of legality.

• We observe Romania’s commitments to its external partners- European Commission, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank – pursuing to nurture inclusive growth, equally distributed among the population, by implementing structural reforms to enhance competitiveness of the Romanian economy.

• We apply a new vision for Romania: economic development and social cohesion. Recovery replaces stagnation, without neglecting the ongoing fiscal consolidation.

• We believe that significant and immediate improvement of structural funds absorption is essential for sustainable economic growth and limiting external debt.

• We support economic freedom, private initiative and fair competition, effective ways to combat poverty.

• We guarantee ownership and support correct capital accumulation.

• Public money should be used efficiently, national wealth must be protected, and we wage war against tax evasion.

• Accelerating structural reforms and effective mobilization of large domestic effectiveness reserves will help the Romanian economy to capitalize on its growth potential.

•We support the development of a competitive economy, the Romanian industry and a modern agriculture, to provide stable and well paid jobs to Romanians.

• We promote sustainable social policies that provide free and equal access to education and health and ensure a dignified life to Romanian citizens.

• We tell people the truth and work together.

• We do not promise more than we can do. We want to restore Romanians’ hope and confidence.

• We build a government based on transparency, competence and honesty, with another model of government, with other standards, with professionals and competence.

• We cannot go on without political reform. This means an improved Constitution, a legitimate and credible Parliament.

• Romania needs to regain its rightful place among the world states as respected partner in the European Union.

This programme is designed for a construction on a minimum of 4 years, strong, progressive construction, based on the values of freedom, fairness, justice and accountability. In the last seven months, we have kept our word. We started to repair injustices and will continue to work to build a strong Romania.