Theme: Friday, August 2, 2013

Romanian Government is still awaiting a view of the Supreme Council of National Defence, on the privatization of CFR Marfa(Freight)

Romanian Government took note of the decision of the President of Romania, Mr. Traian Basescu, to convene the Supreme Council of National Defence, on the Government Decision no. 526 of 24 July 2013 for the approval of the main conditions of the contract of sale of shares between state through the Ministry of Transport, as seller, and the Romanian Railway Group Trading Company SA, as purchaser, having as object the transfer of ownership of share package, representing 51% of the social capital of the National Society of Railway Freight Transport "CFR Marfa "- S. A.
Romanian Government states that it did not require the "urgent" convening of CSAT, but requested the President to order the inclusion on the agenda of the next Council meeting of the draft Executive Decision mentioned previously. Romanian Government’s request has been made pursuant to Article 4 letter d) and Article 7 of Law nr.415/2002 on the organization and functioning of the Supreme Defence Council.
Romanian Government considers that the CSAT discussion of the subject should not have as aim or consequence passing responsibility on among state institutions but the eventual outline of any new information which may question the viability of the privatization of CFR Marfa, or that may remove doubts raised lately. Without such clarification, the privatization process cannot go ahead.
Romanian Government sees as a forcing the President's decision to "urgently" convene CSAT, knowing that decisions in the Council are made unanimously by those present, provided a quorum is met, which would not be possible in case of participation in the meeting of someone without vote right.