Prime Minister


Under the Constitution, Prime Minister is nominated by the Romanian President following consultation with the party which has absolute majority in Parliament, or, if no such majority exists, with the parties represented in Parliament.

Prime Minister leads the Government and coordinates the activities of its members, observing their responsibilities. Prime Minister also submits to the Chamber of Deputies or the Senate reports and statements on the Government’s policy, which are debated with priority.

Mr. Victor-Viorel Ponta was appointed as Prime Minister on 07 may 2012. For more details on the PM’s biography, please see the CV.

Prime Minister's agenda includes public events and activities involving Prime Minister. The Department of Communication and Government Spokesperson communicates daily the public agenda of the Prime Minister.

Photo Album

The Photo album of the Prime Minister contains official photos of the Prime Minister, which can be used by mass -media or other interested institutions in order to illustrate the statements, interviews and messages signed by the Prime Minister.