Rovana Plumb

• Date of birth: June 22, 1960

2004 Phd on "The Management of industrial systems", The Polytechnic University, Bucharest;
2011 Training course – project manager, Bucharest, Romania
2003 The sustainability of production and consumption systems, Portugal
2003 Policies concerning consumer behaviour and the impact on the environment, Portugal
2003 Training course in consumer protection problems, Greece
2002 The EU enlargement and new tendencies concerning compliance assessment, Portugal
1999 Strategic Management, George Washington University, USA
1999 The management of change and innovation, University College Dublin
1994 International Trade, The Romanian Institute of Management
1987 The increase in labour productivity through labour organisation, ASE Bucharest
1984 Faculty "Machinery and the engineering of chemical processes ", The Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest

Present Minister of Environment and Forests;
As of 2011, Vice President of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament;
As of 2007, Member of the European Parliament;
2004 – 2007, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Romanian Parliament;
Member of the Social Democratic Party(PSD) – Dâmbovița Branch (experience in the Party: 18 years)2004 – 2007 Head of the Department for the Protection of the Environment, PSD;
2006 – present Vice President "PES Women"
2005 – present President, PSD Women’s Organisation
2005 – present Member in the National Permanent Bureau of PSD
2005 – 2006 Vice President PSD
2004 – 2005 Member in the Coordinating Bureau of PSD
2003 – 2005 Secretary-General, PSD Women’s Organisation
1998 – present Member of the PSD National Council

Doctor of EngineeringAs of 2011 - Member of the European Parliament,
Vice President of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament;
Co-chair of the European Economic and Social field.2007 to present Member of the European Parliament – Member in the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, Member in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, Member in the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee;
2004 – 2007 Member of the Deputies’ Chamber, Romanian Parliament; Member in the Employment Commission, member in the Commission of Public Administration, Territorial Planning and Environmental Protection;
2001 – 2004 Secretary of State, President of the National Authority for the Consumers Protection;
1995 – 2000 President, General Director of SC Gerovital Cosmetics SA Bucharest

2011 – present Member ARS
2009 Honorary President of the „Eco Women” Association
2003 – 2007 Member PROSAFE – the European organisation of experts in the surveillance of goods and services markets
1998 – 2001 Vice President of the Association of Producers of Cosmetics and Detergents – RUCODEM

• English – very good
• French – good

Additional information-Author, co-author and coordinator of the elaboration of different laws and legislative acts that transposed the EU Acquis;
-Co-author of the books „ The Study of Consumer Behaviours in the Contemporary Market Economy”
- A series of interviews, comments, and opinions on the consumer’s protection field and the environment in specialty reviews and publications;
- Awarded the National Order "Faithful Service" in rank of Knight;